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Super 21 Latest 2019 new Marathi Adult jokes , Funny Marathi Shayaris

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Sunday, 2 July 2017

Top 7 Latest G.S.T Funny Jokes,Full-Form,Images and Quotes

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Saturday, 22 October 2016


Share Latest Sindhi Jokes With Your Friends on Whats-App Group and Facebook

Puns on Sindhi

Sindhi apni gf k saath ghum k aaya,
Dad asked-kitne paise kharch hue-?
Son:~25O rs 
dad:~250 rupaiye-?
Son:~papa uske paas itne hi the,

Sunday, 9 October 2016

Funny Jokes on Marwari, Rajasthani Jokes Quotes and Puns and lot more

Latest Marwari Jokes

Marwadi: Yeh kela(banana) kaisay diya?
Shopkeeper: 1Rs.
Marwadi: 60 Paisa ka deta hai?
S.K: 60 paise mein to sirf chilka milega.
Marwadi:Ley 40 paisay, chilka rakh aur kela day de

Funny Marwari Jokes

Marwadi on his death time.
My wife, where r u ?
Wife:Yes, I"m here
My sons daughters ru all here?
Yes, Papa
Marwadi:To phir brabar wale kamre ka pankha kyon chal raha hai ???

Funny Marwari Quotes

Marwadi 14th floor se neche gira. Girte waqt usne apni ghar ki khirki me apni wife ko roti pakate hue dekha to chilla k bola

New Jokes on Marwari

Marwadi ne sheikh ko khoon dey k uski jaan bachai.
Sheikh ne usay MERCEDEZ gift kardi.
Kuch Saalon baad, Sheikh ko phir khoon ki zarorut pari,
Marwadi ne phir khoon dia.
Ab k bar Sheikh ne till waly laddu gift kiye,
Marwadi:Ghusse se, mercedez kion nahi di?
Sheikh:Munna"& !! Ab hamarey ander bhi baniye ka khoon dor raha hay:)

Funny Rajasthani Jokes

Marwadi called a newspaper office and asked:
Mera Chacha Mar gaya hai, kya charges hongay?
NewsPaper: Rs.50 per word.
Marwadi: Oh bohat ziyada hain,
Acha likho "Chacha Guzar Gaye".
Newspaper: Sir! It should be minimum 6 words!
Marwadi: Oh ho! Jara sochnay do.....
Acha likho....... ..........
"Chacha Guzar Gaye - Maruti for Sale ".

Marwadi ask to Taxi Driver: CP wale gurudware jayega kya?
Taxi Driver: Han jaon ga.
Marwadi ne jaib se lunchbox nikala or kaha:
Wapsi main mere liye langar ka khana lete aana.

Marwadi ko bhoot charh gaya ,
3 din baad bhoot khud ek ojha k paas gaya aur bola,
Ojha sahab mujhe bahar Nikalo..! Warna me to bhookha hi mar jaon ga

Funny Rajasthani Shayari

Titanic K Sath Marwadi Bhi Doob Raha Tha Aur Hans Bhi Raha Tha
Dost: Oye Hans Kyun Raha Hai?
Marwadi: Shukar Hai Main Ne Return Ticket Nahi Khareeda 

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Latest Funny Jokes and Images on Sipder-Man

Funny Spider-Man jokes

Without girlfrend
mAn is a
After finding a girl
After Engagement
After Marriage
N After ten years

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Funny Blocked Jokes For Your Facebook and Whastapp

Funny Blocked Text Messages

Boy : Hi I am jeet
Girl : Hi Jeet where are u
Boy : Darr k aage

Friday, 24 June 2016

Funny Marks Zukerberg Jokes and One Liner

Funny Marks Zukerberg Jokes

I just saw photos from Zuckerberg's wedding.
Seems he finally did something Google couldn't: penetrate China.

What do you call a man who gets paid to stick his hand up a dummy's ass?
Mark Zuckerberg's personal assistant

What's the difference between Mark Zuckerberg and a pile of shit?
Most people avoid stepping on the shit.

Latest Jokes on Marks Zukerberg

How many Facebook founders does it take to change a light bulb?
Doesn't matter, uckerberg will use them up,
take credit for their work and then kick them out of the room

Why does Mark Zuckerberg have a Facebook page for his puppy?
So women will talk to him.

Know how you can tell if you've been burglarized by Mark Zuckerberg?
The garbage has been eaten and the dog's pregnant

What lives in Mark Zuckerberg's basement, is black and blue, and hates s*x?
The applicant for his receptionist position

Marks Zukerberg Bar Jokes

A burly guy walks into a bar where Mark Zuckerberg is drinking.
A smoking hot babe seated across from Zuckerberg flashes him a coy smile.
The burly guy tells Zuckerberg, "Wow, you're gonna get laid tonight!"
Zuckerberg replies, "How do you know?"
And the man says, "Because I'm stronger than you."

MARK ZUCKERBERG: "Hey, Ed, can I have a word with you? It's about your job."
EDUARDO SAVERIN: "Sure, Mark, I have a minute."
MARK ZUCKERBERG: "No, you don't."

What's the fastest way to get fired from Facebook? Not be able to accurately answer the question: "So, how did Zuckerberg's ass smell this morning?"

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