Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Latest Funny Jokes and Images on Sipder-Man

Funny Spider-Man jokes

Without girlfrend
mAn is a
After finding a girl
After Engagement
After Marriage
N After ten years

Spider-Man Puns

If you become spiderman when some spider bites you..!!
How strange is it no one has heard of Mosquitoman.

Spider-Man marvels jokes

Spiderman, Spiderman,
He jumped container .
He crashed into a pole
He said to forage.
Batman , Batman,
flew Menhethen ,
head fell into the nest ,
said motor is fu*king Chinese..

Spider-Man Pickup Lines

Spiderman is Not the only Person who gets Sticky Hand After Using Web...
Lagao POGO jisko nahi samjha

Spiderman, batman, shaktiman, harry potter, james bond,
all gatherd at rajnikants house,
Gurupurnima hai naa

Spiderman: I tripped on a bra today.
Deadpool: cool story br-
Spiderman: so I think it was a 'Booby trap'

Batman: Hey, is Uncle Ben home?
Spiderman: No, he's at the theater with YOUR PARENTS!
Batman: ....

A 4-year old wears Spiderman pajamas,
Spiderman wears Chuck Norris pajamas,
and Chuck Norris wears SHIMRIT pajamas

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